We think of painting not as a single practice, but as several interlocking ones. Interior and exterior design are inseparable from structures, residential is inseparable from building requirements, and improving the outlook is the ultimate goal of any project. Aesthetic movements come and go, but we have found these principles to be timeless.

As a firm, we strive for your needs met by our profession. Our first job is to understand the client’s vision and needs, not to present our own. We value timeliness, direct communication and product as well as presentation, face-to-face are just the beginning, to you living in the result of your aspiration.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to collaborate with some excellent clients on some wonderful projects, but we believe it is still too early to weigh in on the success of the work. Even after 50 years combined experience. A building exists in time and its usefulness is directly related to how the eye accepts its existence.

We are proud of our New Zealand home and heritage, weather combined with life style meets the clients desire time and time again.

Our Team

Marcus Marshall

“Quality prep and quality paint with experience.”

Rick Squire

“Know how to paint, skill, dedication and service with a smile.”

Brad Saunders

“Always taught from my apprenticeship, would I be happy with the job that I produced if that was my own home. ”

Guy Marshall


“Doing quality work, learning along the way and maintaining the standard and keeping the teams advice on how to keep providing the best job possible.“