How long will it take?

Generally speaking interiors with floor plan of upto 250 square meters, will take around 2 weeks. Exteriors can differ, depending on material used on cladding, if the joinery is wooden or aluminum. Small to medium size is 1-2 weeks. Old villas require more work and take a lot longer.

How often does my home need to be painted?

I am a strong believer in washing your home down once a year on exterior also this way you can keep up with warranties of paint manufactures and workmanship from painting companies. With a paint finish every 8 years and weather facing walls less. It will cost less in the long run keeping up maintenance with a stain at least every 4 years and there are products out there now requiring less time. With interiors I think they need a spruce up every 10 years at least to keep up with wear and tear and young children can be tough on walls etc.


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